Want To Work From Anywhere In The World And Make 6-figures Per Year In The Sales Industry?

WITHOUT Needing To Pay Thousands For Information You Could Find For Free Online…

Hi, My name is Dylan Rich.

Over the last 2 years, I've helped over 400 people land remote, flexible sales jobs.

Where they make between $5,000 and $30,000 per month.

With no prior experience.

This includes everyone from starry eyed 18 year old kids to 46 year old stay-at-home moms.

They’ve changed their lives practically overnight and I'm going to show you exactly how to do the same.

Before I explain, you're probably wondering...

Who is this guy and why should I listen to him?

Which is fair, there’s a lot of frauds, liars, and douchebags online claiming to be experts in sales…

So real quick, just so you know I’m not one of these “fake 16-year-old gurus” online.

Here's my background...

- I've personally closed over $22M in sales

- I was an Appointment Setter and then a Closer for multiple years

- I've run 30+ person sales teams as a Director

- I've sold door to door, car sales, SaaS and High Ticket

- I run 2 profitable business and sales coaching companies today

Actually I've Been in Sales for 12+ Years.

But It's not just me. It's also the students I teach...

Without a doubt, if there's anyone who can teach how to start a successful career in sales, it’s me.

And that’s what I want to discuss with you on this page today.

So let’s start here.

Here’s Three Ways To Know You Don’t Have What It Takes To Make It In Sales...

#1 - You let every failure define you

Your high school crush didn’t say yes to you on prom...

You haven't approached a girl since.

You didn’t make varsity football the first time you tried out...

and decided that you were simply never going to be good at sports.

You are defined by one single failure that you won't let go.

#2 - You LOVE being a lazy piece of you know what

You’ve watched every show there is to watch on Netflix.

If your sports ball team loses, you can’t function again until Tuesday of the following week.

You see people on social media making great money and your first thought is...

they got lucky or they're a scammer.

#3 - You believe you deserve to get to $10k a month so you can get a LaMb0

When you start a new side hustle you immediately think you deserve 5 figure months.

You only care about material success in life.

To “fLeX” on your hometown friends.

Not building a life skill and contributing to the world.

Sales Is The Perfect Career For Someone Who Wants To Be Rewarded For Their Effort

Without a doubt, Sales is the best way to get to 10k a month with no previous experience.

The best part is, it’s repeatable, reliable, and no one can take this skill away from you.

Here’s how to have a wildly successful career in Sales:

1. Show up every day with an open mind and a compassionate heart

2. Get yourself in the right opportunity

3. Commit to mastering and learning the skill set

If you can do these three things you’re going to be an extremely valuable asset to any company out there…

When you know how to hunt, you’ll never go hungry.

#1 is really just about having the right mindset, and #2 is a blend of luck and putting yourself in the right place and the right time.

But here’s the thing…

You can’t do either of those until you focus on #3.

If You Want To Have A Wildly Successful Career In Sales, You Have To Master Sales…

I’d like to explain sales in a way you probably haven’t heard before.

That way I can show you how easy it is to master it.

Sound good?

Picture you’re preparing for a 34 hour road trip across the country.

You NEED to make it to the other side, and right now, driving is the best option.

You’re definitely not psyched on the idea of driving 34 hours...

but you’re doing it because it's the only way you know how to get there.

But then I show up in your driveway.

I tell you that instead of driving 34 hours, you can take my private jet and get there in 2.

You ask me how much it will cost.

I tell you the price.

It makes sense, and now we’re on our way to the airport.

You get to your destination in 2 hours instead of 34.

I get paid, and everyone is happy.

Sales Is About Identifying Problems, Offering Solutions, And Getting Prospects To Commit

That's really all there is to it, an expert at sales is really just skilled at…

Identifying Problems

Your job is to uncover your prospect's pain points and challenges.

What is keeping them up at night?

Where are they struggling in their business or personal life?

You need to ask the right questions to reveal their real needs.

Offering Solutions

Once you've identified issues they face, you can present your product or service as the solution.

Show how it directly addresses their specific problems.

Show how it makes their life easier.

Paint a clear picture of how much better off they'll be after buying from you.

Getting Commitment

Finally, you have to smoothly guide them towards a purchasing decision.

Make it a no-brainer by focusing on the transformation your solution will bring.

Handle objections.

Build value.

Ask for the sale.

Once they say "yes," help them take the next steps.

If you master these, you master sales, and you’re able to make a great living.

Sales Mastery Is Simple, But You Can’t

Underestimate Its Simplicity

Like any skill, Sales requires dedication and practice over time to get it right.

However, some sales reps never seem to make any progress.

While others rapidly master the craft and increase their income.

The reason why some fail while others succeed is simple:

The tree determines what type of fruit it’ll bear.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Most of the “sales gurus” online have only sold to leads who were already interested in buying, which is basically like taking candy from a baby.

At my company, we train you how to navigate the REAL world of sales…

Not a fairytale made up “everyone wants to buy” fantasy.

This is your average Salesperson, persuading a single mom into spending her college fund on a course

When you learn from me, you're getting the skills companies are ACTUALLY looking for when they hire…

Look... 7 and 8-figure businesses don’t need to hire someone who can close an easy yes.

They need reps who can turn a no into a yes, and that in itself is a skillset.

Now the question is, how do you learn to do that?

Here’s something other sales trainers don’t tell you:

Sales is like muscle memory for your brain and voice.

The more you practice…

The easier it gets.

It’s like learning an instrument.

The only problem is...

You need to be practicing with the right foundational knowledge to thrive in the world of sales.

How do I know I can give you the right foundations?

Well, it’s pretty simple…

I’ve made over 100,000 cold calls and have closed over $22M in sales…

Yet, at one time in my life, I was the worst performing salesperson on my team.

I actually almost got fired.

Because I wanted financial success, I tried everything I could to get better at sales…

I read books.

I watched videos.

I roleplayed with friends…

However, here’s what I found to be true.

It wasn’t until I started actually investing in coaching that I ACTUALLY started to see real progress.

Because I was taking the information way more seriously.

What life is like once you master sales, work from anywhere in the world, & make 6-figures per year

Paying is what got me to pay attention.

Let’s be honest...

How many times have you downloaded a free guide?

Consumed a free resource?

Watched a Youtube video on how to get better at the thing you wanted to get better at...

And didn’t do jack shit with it?

It’s hard to take information seriously when you don’t have ACTUAL skin in the game.

You’ve probably seen people like Grant Cardone saying...

“You need to invest in Yourself!” 

This is why.

Now, chances are, you’ve probably seen people selling “sales training programs” for upwards of $5000 a pop.

But how do you know you can actually learn from that instructor?

How do you know their techniques actually work with your personality?

How do you know that they actually have a good product...

And not just an overhyped pile of dog shit?


That’s exactly why I decided to make an extremely affordable product.

That gives you everything you need to start a wildly successful career in sales.

It's Called…

Freedom Through Sales

Like I’ve been talking about, getting good at sales comes down to practice and reps.

And that's what I’m going to help you do.

We wanted to create an environment where you can learn the skill of phone sales…

but also practice your selling ability.

In real time with an instructor who helps you correct your mistakes.

That’s why anybody who joins Freedom Through Sales is going to get access to our flagship curriculum, Sales 101.

AND live coaching so you can practice your skill with an expert.

This program is designed to give you everything you need to master sales.

You'll gain a skillset that will allow you to generate money for life.

You'll get direct feedback from professional salespeople.

Who ACTUALLY sell everyday.

And on top of that, we wanted to give you additional sales bonuses…


Appointment Setting Mastery

Appointment setting is the quickest way to get started in sales.

Companies need sales reps to call and qualify their leads, and are willing to pay you commissions on booked calls.

We will outline what the role entails and how to be successful in the role.


Cold Calling 101

Cold calling is and always will be the fastest and most effective way to make money in sales.

99% of salespeople are scared of the phones, but not you after this course.

Being a good cold caller is like having the Uno reverse card.

You’ll be able to master any sales situation on the phone.

And flip prospects into more meetings than your closers can handle.


Intro To Cold Email

If you passed high school English class, you can excel with this.

We’ll teach you the fundamentals of email copywriting, and how to catch a prospect’s attention.

You'll know how to stand out from all the shitty copywriters vying for your prospects’ time. 


Social Media Sales

A lot of business owners in the high ticket space have highly engaged audiences.

We're talking tens or hundreds of thousands of eyeballs.

Who eat up their content like it's their last meal.

You’ll become an expert in booking sales calls with eager prospects through social media DMs.

Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter.

You already probably spend hours a day using one or more of these for personal purposes...

Let's use it to make you money instead.


The Dream Sales Job Blueprint

We will show you exactly how to find and land a sales role paying a base salary + commission.

Ultra desirable and competitive roles.

We’ll teach you how to slay the interview and massively stand out from everyone else gunning for these spots.


You will get to be part of 2 weekly coaching calls.

Live on Zoom with me every single week.

The first call is on sales mindset.

Teaching you how to not only improve in sales, but also in life.

So you can make more money and be happier doing so.

The second call is live cold calling.

You'll watch me make cold calls.

So you can see how someone with 12 years of experience navigates cold calling.

Not only that, you’ll engage with a community of hundreds of other salespeople.

You'll lean on for additional support, pick their brain, and learn from the best.

Now the next question you have is…

Dylan this sounds great, but how much is this going to cost me?

You Can Get Access Today For Just $50,000 + The Naming Rights of Your First Born Child and 50% of Your Yearly Income For The Next 7 Years

Sound fair?

Obviously I'm just joking.

While this is easily worth $50,000 in commissions...

You’ll get access for just $15 per week. 

Now I know, that sounds way too good to be true right?

That was our intention.

I wanted to make this a no-brainer offer for you that’s easy to say yes to.

Now, just  to be totally transparent, we do have a higher level program priced at $1,497 that actually guarantees you a sales job.

However, I would rather you first try out Freedom Through Sales before you even make that decision so you can see…

1. I know what I’m talking about and can help you see results.

2. You align with my sales beliefs and strategies.

And just to be transparent, this isn’t where I make my money.

Unlike program instructors who make all their money selling courses…

I consult and work directly with Seven and Eight figure businesses who happily pay me invoices like I’ve shown down below…

They hire me to build out their sales teams.

So I'm always looking for A+ talent to pluck directly from our program.

And place into these businesses.

AKA Guaranteed Sales Opportunities.

I believe in charging high ticket prices to businesses that are making millions a year.

Not people just trying to get started or get ahead in the game.

Okay, Time For You To Buy!

Here's How You Can Get Started...

For $15 per week you will get access to the 

Freedom Through Sales Program...

The Freedom Through Sales program PLUS the private sales community that includes 5 BONUS courses on:

Setting appointments with email, inbound, cold calls, DMs.

AND how to land an offer and actually make money.

All my students say I'm the best investment they've ever made.

Alright, you ready to join or what?

If you think $15 per week is too much money...

That's the exact reason you should join.

Worrying about a minuscule purchase like this will be something of the past after a few weeks inside the program.

Put a little faith in yourself.

Skip Chipotle this week.

Skip those 2 drinks you have after work to blow off steam.

And this will be easy for you to afford.

Let's go, you've got money to make.

Do I need previous sales experience to join?

No, you do not need any previous sales experience to join Freedom Through Sales. The program is designed to teach you everything from the ground up, making it suitable for complete beginners as well as those looking to improve their existing sales skills.

How much does the program cost?

The program costs just $15 per week. This fee gives you full access to the Freedom Through Sales program, the private sales community, and Bonus courses on different aspects of sales.

Is there a guarantee?

While the entry-level program does not come with a job guarantee, our higher-level program priced at $1,497 does. We are confident in our ability to equip you with the skills needed to succeed in sales, and we offer opportunities for standout participants to join sales teams of seven and eight-figure businesses.

How does the program work?

Once you sign up, you'll gain access to our comprehensive sales training courses, weekly coaching calls, and a vibrant community of sales professionals.

You'll learn through a mix of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and live role-play sessions, with ongoing support from Dylan Rich and the community.

Will this program help me find a job in sales?

Yes, the program is designed to not only teach you the skills needed for a successful career in sales but also to assist you in landing a sales role.

We cover how to find and secure sales positions, excel in interviews, and stand out from the competition. For those in the higher-level program, there's a guarantee of securing a sales job.